Founder - Brock Trojahn

Founder - Brock Trojahn

Hi, My name is Brock (as seen above).
If you want to know what AnuCBD as a company stands for, it's people and obviously, the power of cannabinoids and terpenes. I've worked in the Cannabis Industry for nearly 15 years now, I even tried to escape it in the mountains where I followed the path of a professional snowmobile guide. But, sometimes life just has a way of showing you your calling through multiple channels.

Starting in Cannabis production, then Cannabis extractions, even spent a few years as part of Canada’s leader in the medical marijuana extraction lab (Aurora Cannabis). I didn’t even realize, it wasn’t Cannabis that was my passion, it was the people I was helping believed in the information I supplied my them and the community. I barely even use THC, my attention turned to the promising potential of CBD and it’s ability to address inflammation and pain relief.

And 10 years ago, I suffered severed nerve damage in my lower back from falling down some stairs (embarrassingly at a party, College days haha). But maybe you can relate, that no one should have to experience inflamed nerve pain which is a burning inferno that keeps up awake, immobilizes you, and renders your life entirely different. Medical intervention did nothing for me, but Cannabidiol (CBD) did. I extracted my own CBD from a strain called “CBD Shark” which is a terpene rich strain that is nearly a 1:1 ratio THC-CBD. It worked wonders. The inflammation surrounding the nerves in my lower lumbar region of my back significantly went away and I started to recoup my active lifestyle.

That’s when I really understood the aspect of the “entourage effect” and the therapeutic effects of including all the organic compounds of Cannabis. But now, with the Farmers Bill of 2018, Hemp has been given the go-ahead to be extracted with no psychoactive effects making it far more accessible to everyone.

The Problem With The CBD Industry – What We Know, And Don’t

Coming from a science background professionally speaking, deep underlying truths is what seems to be missing in this industry. I have a strong background in fitness and dietary health with my main focuses on mobility and micro-nutrient balance. What I noticed with CBD is that the consumer has very little understanding of what it is, how it works and what potential it has to enrich their lives or not.

Let’s get this out there now, CBD is just a simple beneficial compound found in the Hemp and Cannabis plants, very diverse in its application, but still, it supplements our lack of our own naturally produced cannabinoids. Yes, we produce our own cannabinoids that work throughout our Endocannabinoid system. So with that being understood, it is NOT a miracle drug. However, it is definitely not Snake Oil as well.

We should be wary about what we buy. There are many ways we can extract these beneficial compounds from Hemp – Ethanol, CO2, Cold-Water Extraction, Butane etc… Some of these are safe, others aren’t. And even before that, is the sources Hemp, pesticide free, has it been processed in a clean environment, fungal growth?

These are questions we need answers to.

AnuCBD and my team asked the right questions from the start. We sourced Organically grown Hemp, where sustainable farming practices are utilized, Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants. We extract using safe and stable C02 as our solvent medium. Using Chromatography laboratory techniques to capture all the cannabinoids, terpenes and allowing for the ability to remove residual THC for our Broad Spectrum Product. This process ensures our customers are never exposed to harmful solvents, our products are designed to help our friends family and we want you to believe in your products to support your friends and family as well!

All of our products are monitored from start to finish with third-party testing at each stage of the journey. Many of the products out there are being marketed by people with no experience in the industry. We never bought a product with success from anyone who didn’t understand it inside and out, so we should know who we’re buying from. As mentioned before, I’ve worked for the small producer to North Americas largest Licensed Producer so I’ve seen this industry from all the angles.

AnuCBD is a brand you can trust, professional, knowledgeable and accountable.