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CBD for Hair Growth: 3 Tips To Unlock Your Potential

By - Milo

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3 Simple Secrets to Unlock the Potential of Using CBD to Promote Hair Growth

If you’d like a few simple using CBD for hair growth biohacks, read on. I love taking care of my hair and scalp as male, more than most I’d say. My life changed when a girlfriend showed me argan oil to combat my dry puffy hair after I shampooed.

Now I’m leaps and bounds beyond that as my sole hair care practice. I rarely shampoo anymore, I make my own exfoliator and I understand what causes dandruff and dry scalp at a biological level.

I found that there are a lot of products and posts out there with captions like “Will CBD oil help my hair grow” and the “best cbd oil to use for dry scalp” or “how to get healthy hair with CBD oil” as if there were special CBD oils that accomplished this.

Before and After CBD Oil for Hair

Our friend Shannon was gracious enough to let us experiment with her dry hair. As you can see, when you take proper care of your hair you get amazing results. 1) Shampoo and dried to demonstrate before CBD Oil was applied 2) Dampened her hair to let the CBD oil make its way down to scalp 3) Brushed her hair after applying AnuCBD Canine Hemp CBD Oil (yes, there’s a reason for the canine hempoil you will read on that later).

Will CBD help your hair grow? – Yes, CBD does have the potential to increase hair growth as it is a CB2 agonist that can promote biological processes responsible for protein synthesis.

Here’s a FREE TIP for you guys reading this, if you have a good quality CBD oil you can use that as part of your hair care regime. You DO NOT NEED labelled “CBD oil for hair” products. It is quite probably it’s just marketing getting the better of you, so let us dig into what to look for when trying to find the right CBD oil for your hair!

This isn’t to say special formulas don’t exist but be wary that a typical quality CBD oil can be utilized effectively for our skin and hair health.


If you want to learn more about CBD oil and the type of product that’s right for you – Click here


Otherwise, here’s a quick summary to understand your CBD products.

CBD needs a carrier substrate, which is usually an oil. Coconut and Olive are two most commonly used. You may notice MCT is another common carrier for CBD as well which is “fractionated coconut oil” meaning it is composed entirely of the Medium Chain Triglycerides found in coconut oil.

Hemp oil is also used as a carrier oil which is full of amino acids, esters, vitamins and minerals that could help replenish hair while delivering CBD out topically.


THC is a CB1 inhibitor of hair growth, meaning it prevents the stimulation of elongation of the base of the hair follicle, if you’re after long strong hair, you want a THC-Free CBD Product. Read on to learn more about CBD and the activation of the CB2 recptors and hair health.

Why is our skin so important?

The skin is an organ serving many different rolls for the human body. It plays a role in infection prevention, immune cell production and hosts our Merkel Cells responsible for pressure and sensory ability that relates those signals into our nervous system.

It’s imperative that we take care of our skin as it does so much for us! Eat a nutrient rich diet with protein and fat, the building blocks of our skin are protein and fat is responsible for the regulation of our immune and endocrine system. 

Skin and hair both are composed of one main protein, keratin. So we want to consume amino acids that can facilitate the production and strength of this protein.

Our skin also contains both CB1 and CB2 receptors which are the sites in which cannabinoids react with our endocannabinoid system and promote or shut down biological processes that are responsible for immune function, inflammation regulation and cell growth.

How to use CBD Oil on the Scalp

Our skin naturally produces oils as part of its biological process to remove debris from pores, keep us cool, protect us from infection and synthesis nutrients (Vitamin D from the sun). To use CBD Oil effectively for hair growth you can literally just apply some to your hands and massage it into your scalp.

This will help regulate some of the cellular processes responsible for hair growth, processing inflammatory responses in the skin and the right CBD oil which contain amino acids crucial for hair growth. We recommend doing this after you bathe because your skin is typically the driest after the use of soaps and shampoos.

The benefits of using CBD oil for hair growth – Using CBD oil on the scalp is a natural fit as our scalp can get very dry in certain climates and seasons and our skin is riddled with CB2 receptors ready to interact with our applied CBD. Not to mention, our skin is hydrophobic and lipophilic, so it repels water and absorbs fat! So CBD oil in a carrier oil will diffuse through our epidermal layer in the deeper subcutaneous layer of the skin!

Continue reading to get a better look on the benefits of using CBD oil for hair growth.

Before and After Using CBD Oil for Dry Hair – An Amazing Transformation

CBD Oil for Dry Hair

Another demonstration of Shannons hair! Before and after shot of using CBD Oil to rehydrate hair which will help prevent split ends and help the hair grow long and strong with the assistance of the proteins found in AnuCBDs Canine CBD Hemp Oil

This isn’t the only way to see these types of benefits, but it’s been very effective for our clients. I took this photo of a friend of mine after she showed and let her hair dry. We took the photo and then we dampened her hair (this allows for the oil to reach the follicle bases better) and we applied a few drops of AnuCBD Canine Hemp Oil (there is a reason we used the pet solution, you’ll read why at the end) and this is what we got!

The transformation was amazing, I sometimes even mix the benefits of CBD oil with argan oil to really get the best of both worlds. Smell, feel and therapeutic stimulation of the hair follicles and protein synthesis is just a winning combo in our world!

3 Tips on Improving the Health of your Hair with CBD Oil

Tip #1 – Hemp Oil Contains Key Amino Acids for Healthy Hair

All of them are acceptable, but the real winner here is a CBD product made with hemp oil. Hemp oil contains the most important amino acids responsible for hair growth and health. Cysteine and Arginine are two amino acids highly praised for hair growth, and hemp oil contains a substantial amount of these amino acids.

So have a look at the bottle of the product you’re using for your hair and see what it’s got in it!

And you can use CBD oils directly or make them into a nice exfoliator for your scalp. I’ll link a great homemade recipe for 3 simple ingredients to make your own.

3 Simple Ingredient CBD Infused Scalp Scrub – Click here for instructions

The real inclination of health we want to boost to our friends when they start complimenting our lovely growing hair is that CBD can be an effective immunoregulatory assistant to promote cellular protection, cell growth and reduce inflammation at the source.

And it doesn’t stop there, cannabinoids have shown a great therapeutic potential when applied topically to regulate apoptosis “cell cleaning” processes and immune cell regulation!

Here’s the funny thing, CBD is a CB2 agonist, meaning when binding it switches on a biological process such as lipid metabolism or hair growth. Now THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid has shown to have the opposite effect of CBD and inhibit hair growth. So each of the main two cannabinoids could be used for different desired effects for hair growth and suppression.

Tip #2 – Get the right Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile for the Job

CBD Receptors found in Skin

This diagram shows the mechanics and focal points of where endocannabinoid receptors are in the skin so we can see how effective topical application of CBD oil is.

CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid that you can use to enrich your skin and hair. If you get yourself oil rich in a variety of cannabinoids such as CBG or CBC which provide other added benefits such as inflammatory regulation or brain cell development through neurogenesis. 

Terpenes for Hair Growth and Health

In addition to the cannabinoids, terpenes hold many therapeutic benefits that can help us on our journey of having beautiful hair. Products rich in terpenes offer many associated benefits when working alongside cannabinoids.

Alpha and Beta Pinene – both have shown antimicrobial and antifungal properties which is great for our scalp as dandruff can be largely associated with yeast like fungal outbreaks from a species called “malassezia” which feeds on oily hair. Having a dry scalp or overly oily hair is usually a sign of poor hygiene.

We benefit from regular washing which doesn’t need to include soap if done regularly.

Limonene – a potent aromatic terpene that has strong anti-oxidative effects when used in small amounts. Don’t start rubbing lemon into your hair regularly as it can irritate your skin as well if exceedingly large amounts are used. 

Remember, oxidation of molecules (the gaining of oxygen atoms) can damage DNA and be largely responsible for promoting genetic aging. When our bodies cannot regulate oxygen free radicals effectively our genetic coding suffers which typically results in decreased skin and hair health!

Other powerful terpenes responsible for oxidative protection are Terpinolene, Myrcene and beta-Caryophyllene to name a few.

Read more about the benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes – Click here


Tip #3 – Use CBD Oil to Promote Hair Growth and Moisturize Scalp after you Shampoo

Before and After CBD Oil for Hair Growth

Shannon again, after 4 weeks of using AnuCBD Canine CBD Hemp Oil her hair started to grow back thicker and richer than before!

Shampoo is surprisingly powerful stuff, stripping our scalp and hair follicles clean of naturally occurring oils. I personally don’t believe in removing these oils aggressively with shampoo, I rather just wash regularly with water and use an exfoliant.

However, our hair is the driest after we shampoo so if we reintroduce a gentle oil, rich in amino acids as we described above, we rehydrate our hair and are looking good from the get-go.

Take note here, that Shampoos are manufactured with a variety of chemicals which enter our blood through our skin and react with nutrient that we want available for our biological processes in which our liver identifies as foreign substances that need to be removed from the body. Along with many nutrients that come into contact with these chemicals. 

Check this article out of chemicals in shampoo to avoid – Click here

CBD Products of Hair and Where to Buy Them

500mg CBD Pet Hemp OilYou’re in luck, we here at AnuCBD and Ergo Botanicals do have one product that is made with hemp oil as its base. Don’t be alarmed but we offer it with free shipping, right to your door.

The label may throw you off but it’s just a label. It’s what’s inside that counts!

Our “Canine” or CBD oil for pets, yes, pets. Is based with hemp oil because we designed this product for our pets’ health in mind but amazingly enough, it works amazingly well for all hair and skin types.

Hemp oil is rich in the amino acids that pets can benefit from and as we’ve learned, our skin and hair can too!

For as little as 35 USD you can get a full bottle of CBD oil in a lower concentration (250mg) that you can use to make your own exfoliator or just use directly to your scalp and hair!

Click here to go try it for yourself!


Let your hair down and enjoy Anu You!

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