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Clueless on Choosing the Right CBD Hemp Oil? (3 Easy Steps)

By - Milo

Blogger. Researcher. Enthusiast.

You’re Probably Getting Advice from Non-professionals, Sad, but True.

Here’s the answer: Choosing “Full Spectrum” CBD Hemp Oils are the best, but we need to understand why to make the right decision.

If you’re just interested in the 3 steps we offer, than skip to the bottom of the page, if you want to educate yourself to spread quality knowledge. Read on.


Let’s take a visionary journey. Image this – “You’re about to enjoy your favorite fruit. You’re in the tropical heat and nothing is going to refresh you more than a ripe bite.”

Alright, we’re in the moment. Now, chapter two – “You take the bite and, to your disappointment you’re met with a flavorless experience”. We looked for a certain experience to supplement a sought after sensation.

Well, that’s just it, a world of flavorless fruit is bleak world indeed. And the same goes for your experience with CBD. This budding era of new experiences should be a sweet experience, full of new aromas, flavors and therapeutic sensations! Full spectrum CBD hemp oils are fruit, ripe with cannabinoids that heal, terpenes that enhance the cannabinoids ability in a mosaic of relationships in our internal endocannabinoid system (ECS).

What are Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oils Anyway?

Well, that’s an easy answer. Full Spectrum refers to all of the hemp plants natural compounds in their purest form. This includes the fatty acids, waxes, amino acids, cannbinoids and terpenes. So you’re getting everything the plant has to offer.

Hemp is the male plant which by federal law must contain no more than 0.3% Tetrahydroannabinol (THC) the psychoactive chemical in marijuana (the female variety of cannabis). So with CBD hemp oils, you don’t have worry about getting “high” or failing a drug test (mostly, visit AnuCBD’s FAQ for a quick overview on drug tests). You just get all the therapeutic benefits the plant has to offer.

And Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Oils?

They are products that have had the minuscule amounts of THC removed for those who can’t risk having any THC in their system. Largely, this is because of their work policies such as professional athletes etc…

THC does play a strong role with CBD and associated terpenes (more on this in the next section) to illicit the most effective results for therapeutic benefits, so we suggest if you can, choose a product that includes everything.

Ok, so We’ve Identified Choosing the Right CBD Hemp Oil Starts with Selecting Full Spectrum, but Why?

Warning: Deep Understanding Will Result After Reading

Sugarless fruit is not a world we want to live in, is it?

Well that’s what this industry is pumping out – sugarless fruit – Cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabinol (CBN) are not just made up “Cannabis Slangs”. They’re the nomenclature used to describe the natural metabolites that Hemp and Cannabis produce as part of their chemical matrix. Terpenes, are what give each distinct individual strain of Hemp or Cannabis is smell, taste and therapeutic characteristics.

These terpenes are found in fruit, herbs, spices…I bet if you look at your favorite all natural beauty product you’ll see terpenes near the end of the ingredient list. Terpenes like Myrcene, Linalool, Caryophyllene and many more, have therapeutic properties that enhance the interactions cannabinoids have within our cells in our ECS.

You’ve heard of the circulatory system, lymphatic system, maybe even the endocrine system but endocannabinoid system? (I know you’re thinking it, another made up word)

But it’s the system responsible for the interactions between our consumed cannabinoids and terpenes and we already produce endocannabinoids ourselves. In fact, we’ve been receiving cannabinoids from our mother’s milk since we were born. You heard me, breast milk is choc-full of cannabinoids.

Learn more — about CBD and Breast Milk in this Scientific Journal

These Cannabinoids are responsible for many autonomic responses – calm – focus – clarity – relief. They provide benefits like anti-inflammation, the ability to tolerate pain, calm neurological responses…the list goes on. How can this all be possible, it sounds too good to be true right?

Learn more about cannabinoids medical properties in this scientific journal

Well, we’re all unique and we all are (at times) deficient of certain nutrients, sleep or exercise. And cannabinoids are another deficiency we experience. And we can supplement our bodies with the use of Phyto-Cannabinoids (plant derived cannabinoids) vs. endogenous cannabinoids (naturally produced by the body).

Are you starting to see why the juice isn’t worth the squeeze?

You want all of these cannabinoids and terpenes working together to unlock their fullest potential of therapeutic benefits.

Understand this, our brains are loaded with trillions of neuro-receptors ie. CB1 and CB2

Our brain is composed into several regions that regulate our bodies, allow us to experience emotion, create new sensations and process all the information around us! Including this article.

Without getting into a physiological lecture, you’ll be happy to learn that our brains are loaded with trillions of neurons with sites called the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the ECS. This is why we are able to access such a large range of benefits from our favorite full spectrum CBD hemp oil.

It All Begins In The Soil | How Farming Plays A Crucial Role.

When Hemp is grown in fertile soil and sourced from strong genetics, it has the potential to be ripe with CBD and a full terpene profile. And that’s how ErgoBotanicals starts it’s harvest, in rich soils, never treated with pesticides or herbicides. The soils need to be rich in carbon to increase the their longevity, to support each crop because we believe in sustainable farm practices that ensure the soil is productive for future generations.

After the harvest is complete (every 3-4 months), we send the raw produce out for testing to a third party lab from our production facility in Colorado. All of our Hemp is sourced from federally compliant Industrial Hemp producers in the United States. When we get the results we know we’re good to go when we confirm no pesticides were used, absent fungal growth or mold and that the product meets our acceptable range cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

We Extract Our CBD Hemp Oils Using Convergent Chromatography and C02

Hemp is amazing for pulling carbon dioxide (C02) out of the air which the plant uses in order to produce sugars for growth. And we use this stable hydrocarbon to extract the CBD from the plants flower and fibers. C02 is extremely safe to extract with as it’s stable and leaves the medium (your favorite hemp product) through purification.

We use a lab process called Chromatography to suspend the extract in a solution to be able to isolate suspended compounds for our other products or remove any impurities. These processes are necessary in order to make the highest quality of cannabinoid rich product on the market while preserving all the natural elements of the plants. It’s not the only way, but it’s the most efficient and safe way for our technicians and you as the consumer.

Don’t Buy In Blind Faith

Many of the CBD brands coming through your feed are brands created by people with no experience with these products or processes. AnuCBD’s team has a variety of scientific disciplines in Bio-Chemistry, Environmental Sustainability and Nutrition. With over 15+ years in the Cannabis Industry, we believe in hemp because it’s accessible, easy to handle, low impact to produce and no psychoactive effects. We’re here to help you choose the right CBD hemp oil for you, because everyone is unique.

You wouldn’t hire your accountant to fix your car, right? Leave the technical details to the professionals.

Know who you’re buying from, because yes, you can find “CBD” products in gas stations (please don’t buy CBD from untraceable businesses). It’s imperative we support the professionals in order to keep this powerful natural substance in the hands of the people and not Big Pharma.

We can’t stress this enough. There are new brands of “CBD products” being born every day that focus on aesthetic packaging – over knowledge, care and product quality. If you can’t reach out, have a conversation and learn from that experience, do you really trust who you’re buying from?

This is one of the reasons why AnuCBD offers Free Consultations for all of it’s customers, we’re just one email away to find out how to choose the right CBD hemp oil product. In a quick conversation we can give you the knowledge you need to get the right product in your hands, saving you time, money and improving your overall experience with CBD.

The Three Easy Steps.

You’re now a bit more refined on your knowledge on hemp oils and CBD products. And every time you go into a shop (online or in person) you’re going to keep these 3 steps in the back of your head.

  1. Look for signs of transparent information! – It’s imperative that the product gives you the cannabinoid content, lab certificate of analysis (check out our article How To Read COA’s) and terpene profile on the packaging or provides a QR code that links you to it.
  2. Ask who you’re buying from, what is their experience? Are they professionals in their field, or just someone who wanted to sell CBD to make money? There’s a lot of new science being produced annually, the information is key. It’s not just enough to say “this is high quality product” the how’s, why’s and when’s are important! (Read our article here that elaborates on these questions)
  3. Know what concentration if CBD Hemp Oil is right for you! 500 mg Tinctures are a great place to start for price but if you use CBD regularly, you might want a higher concentration to save yourself some money or to be able to increase your dosage to find your perfect amount!

We can always go into more details, but this is what you need to ask your yourself every time you buy online or in store. Find a brand you can trust, try their product and listen to your body. It will reveal your relationship with your hemp and CBD product.

AnuCBD’s Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oils Are Leading The Industry, Here’s Why:

We are professionals in this industry. We’ve been doing this for over 15 years, we’ve dug the soil, nurtured the plants, tried every extraction process out there and learned the industry inside and out.

Our products are:

-Are sourced farms in  Nevada, California, Colorado, Oregon, & North Carolina producing the highest quality CBD wholesale rich Industrial Hemp in the USA.

-Grown from strong genetics that are naturally high phyto-cannabinoids and rich in terpenes compared to Chinese and European strains of Hemp

-Extraction and purification process takes place at our fully compliant cGMP and FDA OTC state-of-the -art extraction facility located in Colorado

-Leaders in specialized formulations to deliver the most effective CBD Oil on the market

We are building our community around transparency, value and working with people who want to live strong, healthy and happy lives free from pain!

We love the outdoors, fitness and health. We started our journey making products for friends and family. We know everyone has the ability to start Anu.

Here’s a list of our favorite products:

Our Terpene Rich CBD Formulas, are specialized formulated to deliver the high therapeutic benefits for pain, mental clarity, focus and recovery.

Our Full Spectrum CBD Gummies, are awesome for on-the-go, they’re delicious because we worked with leaders in the food industry to create a product that doesn’t have that weird chemically taste most gummies have AND they’re vegan. We also have a multi-vitamin variety as well which is great for topping up your nutrients on the fly!

Our CBD Gel Roller for Pain Relief, is making waves in the industry. As far as a topical delivery of CBD goes, there is no better than what we’ve made! After a tough day of training, or sitting at work you’ll get quick muscle relief instantly!

And finally, our CBD Bath Bombs, have people raving! Check out our Instagram or Facebook page for a demonstration by one of our customers. Immerse yourself in a full spa treatment in your very own home and you’ll feel relaxation like never before.


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