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Choosing the right cbd dosage
By - Milo

By - Milo

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How to Choose the Right CBD Dosage

The Simple Answer

Sadly, there isn’t a simple answer to find the right CBD dosage, because you’re unique! But we can help! Many people experiment with 5-10mg a day dosages. Personally, 5 mg a day works great for me and I have shoulder and back pains from doing sports and other recreational activities. I get away fine with a 500mg tincture, but I use 10mg gummies when I’m at work at lunch when I’ve had a strenuous workout in the morning. I like to get a jump on inflammation before it sets in, but that’s just me!

So if you want to read more, please, read on! However, if you want a quick and simple answer for finding the right cbd oil and choosing the right dosage. Start with a full or broad spectrum tincture or product and start with 1-5mg a day. Topical options are great as well as they react locally to areas of pain and inflammations as our skin is riddled with CB1 & CB2 receptors.

If you want to read more about Endocannabinoid System & CB1 and CB2 receptors – Read this Article.

At the bottom of this article we have a few product suggestions! 

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Concentration vs. Dosage

Alright, here’s the first thing to consider. Everyone is unique (YAY!) and no one will require the same thing (aww). CBD products are still budding in the industry of wellness products. There are a lot stories of how they have helped people in many unique ways. Some more drastically than others. So let’s get to figuring out your right CBD oil and dosage!

What is your intention?

When you are looking for a product that sounds right for you, ask yourself what you’ve heard and why you’re even curious about purchasing this type of product? 

Headaches, restlessness, anxiety, inflammation are some of the more common reasons people try cannabinoid products. But some people suffer from even more severe ailments such as nerve spasms, epilepsy, seizures and severe pain. 

I have met so many people and exposed many friends and family to the wonders of CBD products and have changed lives but not with skepticism. I will admit, I’m a sceptic at heart as well so I need to obtain the knowledge and try for myself before I consider the “facts”. 

Let’s outline a few things to take note of when trying to figure out the right CBD dosage for you.


When you look at the label of the product that drew your attention, look for quality confirmations. Where is the product sourced from, are the ingredients organic, has it been third-party tested, is it free from pesticides and how it has been extracted are all things that you want to know. 

For more information about what to look for check our article What is Third Party Testing and How to Read COA’s.


You will notice on your product that it will denote milligrams (mg). This is how you know how potent your product is and largely will lead to the amount you take per dose. The lower the concentration, the more you may have to take depending on your mass. The industry product standard is 500mg but you may see concentrations up to 3000mg or more. 

Things to consider when choosing your dosage:

How much do you weigh?

The more mass you have, the larger your endocannabinoid system is and you may require a higher dosage if your concentration is too low.

What condition are you hoping to resolve or ease? 

        If you just want to use cannabinoids such as CBD as a supplement or to address general inflammation from your physical activities, you can get by fine with something like a 500 mg product and that will probably last you a month with daily usage.

        However, with something more severe such as nerve spasms if you’re paraplegic you or have seizures, you may benefit from a larger dosage.

As a general rule, if you have a serious condition you will most likely benefit from a higher concentration so you can use less of your product daily. If you have a less severe condition you will probably get by with a lower concentration.

Dosage (1 kg = 2.2 lbs, it’ll make sense soon)

(The next section has been retrieved from current review studies by Larsen & Shahinas 2020)

Similar to concentration it largely depends on what you’re looking to achieve with your product. You will be looking to discover your personal mg/kg/d (or mg/lb/d). Consult your doctor or pharmacist who is knowledgeable in this field but from current studies (2019) here are some amounts used for certain diseases.

Psychotic symptoms, Anxiety and Seizures – anywhere between 1-50 mg/kg/d demonstrate positive effects from using CBD 

        So that means if you weigh about 190 lbs (86 kg) you will want to take anywhere from 86-4300 mg to reduce your affliction…yikes! But as you can see, the range is so large we still do not have accurate information on specific dosages. As in many cases a small amount used consistently elicits results.

Seizures (frequency or intensity) – average 15 mg/kg/d resulted in positive feedback using CBD

        Math – 100 lbs (45 kg) person will have to take an average of 15mg * 45kg = 675 mg of CBD to have a positive affect on their disease.

So if you bought yourself a 500mg bottle of organic hemp derived broad spectrum CBD, you would need to take all of it just for one dosage? Yes, but no. There is no easy answer, but what the studies conclude is the therapeutic effects increase with higher dosages vs. lower ones. 

But again, you are unique. I noticed I slept better and had improved mental cognitive behavior (mental clarity) with just 2 mg/d and I never considered my weight at the time (190 lbs). And another time, I had extreme inflammation when after a new strength training program I started which woke me up in the middle of the night. Sucked back 5 mg of full spectrum CBD oil and I woke up with the sensation ENTIRELY gone. And those are very low dosages compared to the clinical studies focused on severe pathological conditions.  

So try what works for you, start low 1-2 mg/d and increase your dosages every two weeks while paying attention to how you feel. That is the best way to decide if CBD products are right for you!

Can you take too much or overdose?

Short answer – No. The World Health Organization in 2020 stated CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile” but there may be adverse side-effects when used with other prescribed medicines. Some side-effects from taking cannabidiol (CBD) can be diarrhea, drowsiness or fatigue but most people do not have this as those cases were typically those taking very large amounts and could be the result of the carrier oil in their tinctures.

We hope you are slightly less confused on choosing the right CBD dosage now. Feel free to comment below or email us for more specific information.

If you want more specific data on choosing the right CBD Oil – Check out this detailed Article 

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