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Unleash Your Health by Cooking with CBD – Jen Petersen & Brock Trojahn

By - Milo

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Cooking with CBD Secrets and Unleashing the Power of CBD – An interview between Jen Petersen and Brock Trojahn

Hello Everyone!

Your CBD Specialist and author, Brock Trojahn, has had the pleasure to be part of an interview with Jen Petersen Instagrams’ & Pinterests on December 5th 2020!

I found Jens amazing work with food late one evening when I was planning some CBD infused recipes to share the world and I found a wonderful page on Pinterest (truelivingfoodie) that focused on gluten free recipes that were inspired to reduce inflammation and increase our overall well being.

Jen and I got to talking over a few months, while busy with her upcoming cookbook, and decided let’s do an interview combining our interests and sharing them with our audiences. 

Jen Petersen has been an acupuncturist in the health and wellness space for 10 years and has been advocating a variety of supplements that have worked for her and some of her patients. She reached out to me and asked me to share my passion of helping you guys with CBD, so we made it happen!

You can watch our Zoom interview and reach more information regarding infusing your favorite recipes and meals here at our Full Spectrum CBD Wellness Blog.

Let’s get into it.

Considering Food Recipes to Cook and Bake with CBD?

Some people have asked me, is it bad to cook with CBD in the fear of ruining the cannabinoids in the process? People have also asked if it’s bad to eat foods with CBD before bed. Well, the answer is somewhat aligned similarly – It depends how you prepare your CBD recipe and it’s never a great idea to eat before bed!

Unlocking the Power of CBD with CBD Infused Recipes

CBDa is the “inactive” form of CBD before it undergoes decarboxylation.


Decarboxylating CBDa just means that with heat and time the molecule will change its structure and become its active form, CBD. It only takes temperatures upwards of 65° F and 30-45 minutes for this process to occur, That’s pretty low right?

So when you’re thinking of making a CBD recipe, keep in mind that you don’t need heat if you’re using any of our AnuCBD oils.

As I outline in the interview, I typically prefer low or “no cook” recipes with low sugar for a variety of reasons.

  1. Less sugar, less inflammation – Yeah sorry, sugar is a natural inflammatory at elevated levels or regular consumption. It causes insulin spikes and with prolonged consumption increasing cellular inflammation, insulin resistance and can disrupt the very benefits we’re seeking from consuming CBD. No point in being counter productive.
  2. No cook, means no heat – High heat can produce carcinogenic properties in all foods called Heterocyclic amines (HCAs). These are mutagenic byproducts of the breakdown of amino acids exposed to high heat that cause DNA damage – Yeah, No thanks.
  3. Low and Slow, Baking – Baking is usually done at lower temperatures and with more careful consideration, go check out all of Jens amazing gluten free recipes such as the “Cowboy Cookies” baked at 325°F, now that’s low n’ slow. Keeping the temp low and quick bake times reduces the risk of HCAs and our DNA will thank us.


If you do want to “cook” with your CBD because your favorite recipe requires it, watch the video, within the first 10 minutes I divulge an industry CBD secret for recipes which require actual cooking and it may save your money! Hint – It has to do with CBDa


So you’re looking for some edible recipes with CBD oil?

Look no further friends, The TrueLivingFoodie has got you covered. I’m going to link you to a few of my favorites and teach you how to consider your next infused creation!

Seared Lamb Chops 


Looking to buy CBD oil for cooking? Save your money folks, you only need your regular CBD oil handy. Literally all you need to do is combine a dose of your favorite AnuCBD Oil with your cooking oil or quality animal fat and you’re cooking!

Three things I love about this recipe is its use of Cast Iron, Grazing Ruminants and Simple Herb Complex.

Cast Iron is naturally non-stick when cured properly and the heat is evenly distributed (can even be transferred to the oven no problem) and best of all, it doesn’t contain any toxic non-stick sealants such as teflon.

Grass fed ruminants unlock a world of health for us – stearic acid, creatine, choline, vitamin K2 and many other essential vitamins and minerals are locked in the rich red muscle meat and organs of grazing animals.

Keep the herbs simple, you got Thyme for it. Rosemary is a rich aromatic full of naturally occurring terpenes such as alpha-pinene which has shown memory enhancing attributes, you’ll definitely remember this recipe!


Berry Crisp


I love berries as they’re on the lower on the sugar spectrum and are deliciously designed by nature to be eaten! I just really appreciate quick and simple recipes, and these recipes require a small amount of oil so you can infuse your CBD right into it! 

This is one of my favorite recipes if using CBD for pain because it’s light, lower risk of phyto-induced inflammation and the infusion of your cinnamon flavored AnuCBD oil blends delicately in the process.

Nothing beats a light desert on a beautiful sunny day in the middle of summer. This beautiful dish reminds me of a lot of the times shared with my grandparents in their backyard. There’s just something special about a dish that you can share with loved one. Great dish Jen! This is going to be a regular addition to my house after this winter passes!


Vegan Chocolate Covered Oranges

A quick and easy option for everyone!

Makes for a great snacking platter for friends, family and loved ones that you can’t even hang out with now anyways…so maybe just toss them into each other’s mouths after you washed your hands?

The best CBD recipes always have some fat because cannabinoids are lipophilic, meaning they love to bind to fat. It’s a few simple ingredients and you’ll be enjoying your favorite CBD infused recipe in no time.

Those are just a few of our favorite recipes Jen has to offer, that you could infuse our CBD oils into with ease at any occasion whether it be thanksgiving, christmas or just because!

Remember, our CBD products are made from Hemp, entirely THC free so they’re acceptable for anyone, so pass em’ around.

Simplicity is an underappreciated ingredient to the process sometimes isn’t it? We get life from every direction and company is on the way, so it’s always good to have quick go tos like this one. A little bit of fat, natural sweetness goes great with conversation.

We highly recommend going over to Jens website at True Living Foodie to view all of her beautifully displayed recipes. Jen focuses food in its purest sense, I just like inspiration from passionate people like her to infuse my CBD with.

Noteworthy Points from the Interview – Effective Ways to Use CBD

Dosing and Timing matter – It’s a life lesson we all learn that success is in the details. Whether it be baking bread long enough with even heat that the middle of the loaf is cooked through and fluffy. Or, making sure your grass fed cut of steak is juicy and not over cooked. Paying attention to the details is key.

CBD oil and supplements are the same. Supplementing your body is only beneficial when it needs supplementation. If you use CBD oil for sleep because you’re having a hard time going to sleep, staying asleep and waking up…you may be out of your circadian rhythm. If you’re out of whack with your 24 hour clock, you aren’t effectively producing melatonin and if you’re not producing melatonin, well…I go over this in the video.

Studies show that if we want to use CBD effectively, taking doses in regular 12 hour intervals allows enough availability in our blood for our system to use what it deems as necessary. And taking the right amount is important.

Read more about how much CBD to take – Click here

Many of my clients have divulged that 10mg works for them when they seek CBD for their pain, but some express upwards of 25mg and some as little as 2 mg. You need to analyze your behavior, activity, stress, diet and a variety of other daily factors to find your right amount.

I use CBD when I know inflammatory events are on my horizon, if I go snowmobiling for 8 hours, I’m gripping and ripping.

My knuckles go wild with inflammation. So I wake up, do some mobility to prime my body and take 16 mg of CBD and another 16mg at night before bed. I wake up glowing.

One final short point we covered in the interview was what I use CBD for and what I find the use of my favorite CBD product useful for – Inflammation!

Yep, like I mentioned above and in the interview, I do a lot of snowmobiling deep in the mountains of Whistler, BC and a lot of snowboarding in the winter. This requires a lot of muscle stamina that wreaks havoc on my joints after a full day of going where it’s no easy feat to get to.

Let’s take a second to understand inflammation.

It’s an immune response to a variety of stressors our bodies undergo from what we eat to what we experience. We experience inflammation  as a response to change, and these factors contribute to the way our bodies utilize energy, what genetic pathways turn on and off and how we feel every day. 

In my circumstance of snowmobiling, I’m gripping the handle bars and using a throttle which results in extended hours of compression. The compression of my joints compacts the soft cartilage tissue in my joints full of synovial fluid. And in the extended periods, my immune cells respond through pathways to increase the extracellular fluid around my joints and muscles that have taken damage over the day!

Seems bad eh?

Well, without these signals and responses my body would never know to get stronger! Inflammation in this regard is beneficial to my performance in this sport.

Now, combine that with other environmental stressors such as poor sleep, toxicity from my odd vice or poor diet choices and thank the lord I don’t cope with any metabolic dysfunction. I only take small amounts of CBD (typically AnuCBD 10mg Full Spectrum Gummies which contain a variety of terpenes such as Myrcene, which I talk about in the interview) to cope with these short periods of inflammation.

If you have a more serious condition where inflammatory periods are extended or constant such as anxiety, depression, diabetes, IBS or chronic pain. You may experience greater degrees of relief with more consistent use, you reap more benefit the more stress you’re under.

It’s important to note here, that the root cause of your inflammation is the important thing to focus on. Although CBD is beneficial for many of us, it is only a tool to help us cope with certain inflammatory responses. For our long term health however, we should always focus on the root cause and find more long term solutions than supplements!

Short and sweet.

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview between myself, Brock Trojahn and Jen Peteresen, check out her blog and recipes at the True.Living.Foodie. There will plenty more to come over so keep checking in!

Be sure to follow @ergobotanicals & on your favorite social media platforms and sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date with the most recent and exciting health and wellness news we have to offer!

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